Hello guys I'm Michelle and I'm 20 years old.
Person Of Interest, My biggest crush: Jim Caviezel and James McaVoy,
Smallville, Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch. That's me.

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Somehow I always had this sense that I was going to be all right, that I’d be happy and not have to depend on anyone else. That was always very important to me, not to be in debt to anyone, money-wise. I was determined not to take any money off my mother or my grandparents after I was 18.”


James McAvoy on set of Danny Boyle’s Trance (2013)

Atonement (2007) dir. Joe Wright

James McAvoy to play at the McStay's Maestros vs Rio's All-Stars Charity Football Match →

PAUL McStay will make a more than welcome return to Paradise when his Maestros take on Rio Ferdinand’s All-Stars in the MAESTRIO match, sponsored by Flip, on Sunday, September 7.

Stars of stage and screen such as James McAvoy and Martin Compston will also be appearing while there will also be a few names that McStay shared the hallowed turf of Paradise with back in the day – Frank McAvennie, Tom Boyd, Tosh McKinlay, Peter Grant, Simon Donnelly and Jackie McNamara among them.

McStay’s Maestros take on Ferdinand’s All-Stars in the MAESTRIO match, sponsored by Flip, at Celtic Park on Sunday, September 7 and tickets are on sale now – maximum of 10 per person - priced at £10 for adults and £5 for concessions.



James McAvoy for Shameless, November 2004 [MQ×1]


Ok, can we please talk about that picture of John and Joss on page 6 at The bottom?!?! THAT is NEW! Joss touched John’s…

You mean this one? Yes, it looks like a pic taken during one the multiple takes of filming of this scene in SE309? It is very small in the magazine.



STOP DOING THIS!!!!! Can’t you guys see that THIS HURTS!!

· FUCK ·

Joss Carter | 1.01 Pilot

TV Guide’s Behind The Scenes Story & Interviews for Person Of Interest

Some spoilerish, Bear is the most popular cast member & Michael kept a memory book from The Library for his new home

Comic-Con 2014 Issue


John Francis Sullivan/Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - My Gifs.

From Frequency.

Meaning you give me a number and you walk out of here free as a bird?

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