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Just watched Filth… James McAvoy is a true talent.

I cried and cried. Though the music was a little loud and overbearing the choices made were great. I was privy to the main reveal in the movie because of watching so many Cherik AU’s but it still was poignant.

I did how ever disagree with the last 2 frames of the film and i understand why they chose that ending but personally i did not like it.

I do recommend that you see this film if you like weird movies, sex, drugs, and James McAvoy. 

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please be nice it’s only my opinion :) thanks for all the support everyone! 

What was in the movie the hardest thing to play? (x)

X-Men: First Class - Behind the Scenes

"This is scary shit."

Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy on ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ First Heartbreak, and Robin Williams →


Chastain: James is a phenomenal dancer.

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