Hello guys I'm Michelle and I'm 20 years old.
Person Of Interest, My biggest crush: Jim Caviezel and James McaVoy,
Smallville, Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch. That's me.

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The McAvoy lip purse is Teh Sex.  I look for it in every film!


LOL, so  he drove illegally in all his earlier films :D


James McAvoy in ‘The Conspirator’ - Stills & Promotional Photos [6 x MQ] [Copy *here*]


Random Mcavoy being adorable on The Conspirator

Okay, I need to get it out once again: →


James McAvoy’s acting is a revelation!

I don’t understand how he does it - how he manages to portray completely contrasting emotions all at once. He switches from furious to frantic to seductive to manic in the span of a second and he does it flawlessly. It’s like watching these videos where…


If you don’t find little, dancing Groot adorable, you have no soul. 

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Yes, let’s talk about the arms..(x) (x)

i had to remove the mic stand to get a better view 

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